GroopIt at Universities



Students taking the same course form study Groops so that they can work together to learn and earn high grades.  They share lecture notes, study guides, hints and announcements, post questions, and set up study sessions.  Each Groop is customizable, so it's just what they need.

m study group.png


Fraternities and sororities set up house Groops so that they can tell brothers and sisters what to post.  At the beginning of the year, it's posting about which classes they're in, creating sign-ups for help during rush, and letting bros know where to find the free pizza.

m greek.png


On-campus political and activist groups set up Groops to achieve specific goals, like holding politicians accountable.  Students capture promises & statements made by elected officials, identify false claims, and tell eachother when to take actions that can make a difference.

m student politics.png


Project leaders use GroopIt to organize volunteers and keep their teams in-the-know.  Participants ask for volunteers, post photos and updates as things get done, and share stories as they happen.

volunteers m.png

HEALTH research

Researchers are using GroopIt to collect real-time data from participants.  Participants record critical events as they occur, their experiences with treatments, and specifics about their diagnosis.

m health research.png

environmental RESEARCH

Citizen Scientists are using GroopIt to collect data and connect with each other.  In this template, participants introduce themselves, record scientific data and also volunteer to complete specific tasks.

m environmental research.png


Create a groop that's perfect for your unique non-profit.  Think through the purpose statement from the participant point of view, starting with the word "We..." and decide what you want participants to post, then set up your Groop online.   Get started.