The Participation Breakdown & How To Fix It


We start programs and groups for a reason – to achieve something, to solve a problem, to make a difference - but getting people to take action repeatedly is very hard.    In nearly every situation, participation breaks down at four key points.     

1. When there is no
real-time direction, the impactful
action people can take at the moment they are ready to participate is unclear and participation breaks down.

2. When there is no collective awareness of actions being taken or progress being made, no real-time data collection to know what's happening, participation breaks down. 

3. When there is no
"look what we're accomplishing together" feeling or real-time
pay-off, participation breaks down.

4. When there is no
unifying or compelling
purpose from the participant perspective, there's no reason stay involved and participation breaks down.

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Participation Plan
Articulate purpose from the participants point of view. Try starting with the words "We are..." For example, We are helping people age in place independently.
Define 1-3 actions participants can take repeatedly to contribute to the purpose. For example, a) sign-up to complete tasks like yard work, delivering a meal, or providing a ride, b) record what’s happening like every time a project gets done or whenever a senior needs assistance; or c) inspire each other by capturing the priceless moments.
Define the people who should be involved. Think of existing participants, organizers, organizations, partners, and key constituents you might want to recruit.
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Organizer Name


Draft a participation plan following the guide provided, then submit.  One of our Groopit Experts will help you fine tune it and create a groop to do exactly what you need.