Groopit's modern approach gives churches a way to increase participation.  Leaders can adapt Groopit for a church, ministry or mission, defining how people should participate and be meaningfully involved - every day.

Get them praying

If prayer is a priority, create a place that allows everyone to come together in prayer, every day.   The ready-made prayer Groop is private, a place where members identify prayer needed, learn about prayer, and share experiences as the Holy Spirit works.  It provides a way for church members to participate, even if they have just five minutes a day.   

"There's always a quiet moment before picking up my kids from school.  I would often check Instagram, but now I connect with my church..."

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Get them serving

If you're focused on serving, bring people together so that they can see their collective impact, post whenever they serve, and see who is signing-up.  Groopit takes a myriad of small acts and lets people see the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. 

"Seeing how the Holy Spirit moves is what fuels my fire to serve.  As we serve, we post photos in our private group and everyone sees what's happening as it happens.  Quite simply, more people see the Holy Spirit work more often with Groopit."

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Get everyone involved

With Groopit, you decide what's best for your church.  You can create an all-church Groop where the learning, praying, and serving all come together in one place. 

"For every ten people who show interest in being involved...three actually follow-through.  Groopit gives us way to involve and get the other seven participating."

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Getting Started

Use resources made especially for churches to get started and get results.


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It's FREe

Groopit is free for one administrator and all the participants in your church. Start a Church Groop now and we'll upgrade it to include two administrators for free. Email to request your upgrade today.



Participants can use Groopit on their mobile device or desktop computer, so everyone can participate. Download Groopit from Google Play or the Apple App Store or sign-in using any web browser on

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It's for ANY ministry

People are called to lead millions of different ministries & missions. With Groopit, leaders define how people uniquely participate for a purpose.

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  Read about the    Shoulder to Shoulder Ministry    Jim leads and how they use Groopit.

Read about the Shoulder to Shoulder Ministry Jim leads and how they use Groopit.

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Read about one church service ministry in Northwest Catholic Magazine.

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