Webinar for Churches

Churches want members to engage with God on Sundays and every day.  They use bulletins, websites, Facebook, Constant Contact, Sign-Up Genius, and try many solutions built specifically for churches to engage members.  But, time and time again, participation breaks down.   Groopit is changing all that. 

Increasing participation is half strategy and half operations.   Groopit applies its strategic expertise to help churches increase participation and then provides the technology needed to operationalize it. 

Watch this live webinar to learn more. 

“I’m having so much fun learning who everyone is at church and seeing the big picture, not just what I’m involved in!”

”I’d like to sign-up, but it’s hard to know our schedule in advance. This makes it easy to know what’s going on this week, who will be there, and signing-up is easy.”

”The spiritual aspects where everyone can respond is fantastic. We’ve never had a way to do this.”
— Church Members