Sustained community involvement is essential to preventing school shootings; Groopit provides a new approach.

While no one knows exactly how to prevent school shootings, one thing people do agree on is that changing outcomes will take sustained community participation - that's exactly what Groopit delivers.   Watch this 7-minute webinar to learn more about how Groopit can help schools, districts or states involve the community effectively, 




The moment we knew our struggle was over.

Jim Burgess, Board Chairperson, Shoulder to Shoulder 

"Getting volunteers used to be a constant struggle - endless emails, sign-ups, prodding, and relying on the same core people over and over again.  There was a specific moment when I realized our struggle getting volunteers was over, that Groopit had completely changed this dynamic.   One of our large parish families needed meals.  Before I left work, I took a couple of minutes to post a request on Groopit.  After arriving home, I checked my mobile phone and discovered all 24 volunteers had signed up in less than 20 minutes!  The headache of organizing had disappeared and people were actually eager.  Over the next two months, every time a volunteer delivered a meal, they posted a photo to Groopit so everyone knew what had been done.  Groopit allows a myriad of small acts to be shared, so everyone can see our whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  That gives us momentum."