Groopit's modern approach gives you a way to increase participation.  Leaders can adapt Groopit for a church, ministry or mission, defining how people should participate and be meaningfully involved - every day.



Read a spiritual lesson every day

Start by posting a short devotional.  It may be a verse with a question or a build-up to the weekend message.  Each post should be short (100-200 words) and ask readers to respond.  You decide the response (ex. Yes, I read this devotional today.) and with one tap, a member's participation is recognized. The daily cadence and two-way interaction are foundational to growing a community of people learning together.    

"There's always a quiet moment before picking up my kids from school.  I would often check Instagram, but now I connect with my church.  I love reading the devotional our deacon posts, seeing who else read it and what they had to say."

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Pray and acknowledge you've joined the church in prayer

Tell members what to pray for every day. It could be a single prayer, a specific prayer request, or take them on a month long journey of praying with gratitude, teaching them how and why it's important. Create a two-way dialogue, encouraging members to respond every time.    You decide the response, like "Yes, I prayed for the teachers." or "Yes, I commit to finding 100 ways to be grateful today and saying a prayer of gratitude every time."  With one tap, members express their commitment, their participation, and a powerful habit of prayer begins to emerge throughout the community.  


Sign up and serve

Organizing members just got easier for everyone.  Ministry leaders make their plan, announce it and include a sign-up.  The opportunities to serve are always in one place, always current and responding takes just one touch.  Members see who's participating, which leads to more signing-up and member connections.

"Getting volunteers used to be a constant struggle...Groopit changed this dynamic...  One of our large parish families needed meals.  Before I left work, I took a couple of minutes to post a request on Groopit.  After arriving home, I checked my mobile phone and discovered all 24 volunteers had signed up in less than 20 minutes!"


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Celebrate our faith community

Increasing participation and building positive momentum requires inspiration be 5x more frequent that invitations, requests, and asks.  Churches can accomplish this by asking ministry leaders, staff members, and everyone at church to capture the moments they share together.  That includes posting a snapshot during choir practice, bible study, the pastoral council meeting, and volunteers working behind-the-scenes.  It includes special events like a baptism, wedding, or celebration of life.  It includes sharing stories of answered prayer and spiritual encounter.  When everyone sees what's happening, as it happens, they'll feel more connected to the church, to each other, and inspired to participate more.  


Getting Started

Use resources made especially for churches to get resultS



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It's FREe

Groopit is free for one administrator and all the participants in your church. Start a Church Groop now and we'll upgrade it to include two administrators for free. Email to request your upgrade today.



Participants can use Groopit on their mobile device or desktop computer, so everyone can participate. Download Groopit from Google Play or the Apple App Store or sign-in using any web browser on

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It's for ANY ministry

People are called to lead millions of different ministries & missions. With Groopit, leaders define how people uniquely participate in any purpose.

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Read about the    Shoulder to Shoulder Ministry    Jim leads and how they use Groopit.

Read about the Shoulder to Shoulder Ministry Jim leads and how they use Groopit.

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Read about one church using Groopit
Northwest Catholic Magazine.


To learn more watch Groopit's church webinar, explore the latest church examples, and sign-up for the church newsletter