Getting people to work together is hard, especially when you don’t have their full-time attention, hold them accountable through a job or compensate them with a paycheck. Groopit is on a mission to change that. We give leaders tools to engage non-employees - their members, enthusiasts, ambassadors, colleagues, citizens, advocates, partners, alumni, volunteers - for a purpose and make progress together. Everything we do is aimed at empowering people to tackle challenges together. Groopit’s approach is modern and it yields results.


Groopit can be adapted for any purpose.

To speed up the understanding of Autism

To help a neighborhood
recover after crisis

To get members
praying more

To earn
scouting badges

Watch this one minute video to see how Groopit works.

Groopit’s social-inspired format and data centric back end allows leaders to

  1. Bring people together for a purpose

  2. Provide clear, real-time direction so they always know how to contribute

  3. Track what’s happening as it happens to report on progress.

  4. Build community and a habit of participation to generate momentum.


It's easy-to-use on any device

Participants can use Groopit on their mobile device or desktop computer, so everyone can participate. Download Groopit from Google Play or the Apple App Store or sign-in using any web browser on

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It's Free

Groopit is free for one organizer and all the participants in your Groop. Organizers pay for premium features as they are needed.


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